Essential FREE Apps & Programs I Install On Every New PC

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  1. Firstly, I recommend creating a system restore point. You never know what could happen…
  2. Web Browser: Firefox or Brave
    Firefox, in my opinion, is a much better browser for a privacy-focused and customized experience. It features great security settings and many amazing add-ons. To truly control Firefox’s preferences, check out this website. This tool assists you in easily configuring default settings; such as disabling data extraction from Mozilla or Google and preventing website-tracking.
    Brave is another good web browser which combines layers of security with a faster experience. In short, it is a better version of Chrome. For current Chrome users, the transition will be very smooth, as they will continue to have access to the Chrome Web Store and Google account integration.
  3. Office Suite: Libre Office
    This is probably the best alternative to Microsoft Office, especially since it is free. Functions just as well as, the only downside is the less refined interface. The Google office suite is adequate as well and fantastic for collaboration online.
  4. Antivirus: Malwarebytes
    Malwarebytes, is by far the best antivirus out there. Personally, it has saved me from dozens of Trojan Horses sitting around on my computer. It’s minimalistic interface and preciseness makes it an essential for any computer in this day and age. (The program also comes with a 14-day free trial which provides real-time protection).
  5. File Utility: 7-Zip
    7-zip is an open-source tool that efficiently extracts and compresses files. If you’re familiar with WinZip, it does the same thing but without the spammy messages.
  6. Password Manager: Bitwarden
    Another open-source application, Bitwarden securely manages your passwords all in one place. For easier access, a browser add-on is also available. Accounts can be linked with multiple devices, secure passwords can be generated and passwords can be checked for breaches.
  7. Media: VLC Media Player & Spotify
    These two are pretty obvious. VLC supports almost every video/audio file such as .mkv and mp4, and Spotify is a free music/podcast streaming service.
  8. Productivity: Notion & TickTick
    Notion has taken the throne as the productivity king, it combines note-taking and management into a wonderful, customizable workspace. This program includes the implementation of third-party apps, databases, markdown-pages and many more beneficial features.
    TickTick is by far the best to-do app I have ever used. It has a really easy-to-use interface which lets the user track multiple tasks in a list. Configuring tasks and events is especially smooth, TickTick even comes in with a built-in habit-tracker and Pomodoro Timer.




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